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Der Arbeitsbereich Allgemeine und Angewandte Sprachwissenschaft sowie Translationstechnologie (ASTT) bietet in diesem Semester die folgenden Lehrveranstaltungen an:

Ü Softwarelokalisierung (Ressourcen)

Dora Warth

Shortname: 06.FUE.0591
Course No.: 06.FUE.0591

Digitale Lehre

This is an online course.

Requirements / organisational issues

This course is open for every student with interest in localization and computer science. The examples are English and German and can be translated in your mother tongue. The aim of the course is knowledge about the localization process, localization tools and localization formats. 


You learn about the proceedings and challenges of software localization, especially game localization. We use different tools to localize a binary file and different resource files.


Date (Day of the week)TimeLocation
04/14/2021 (Wednesday)13.00 to 14.30
04/21/2021 (Wednesday)13.00 to 14.30
04/28/2021 (Wednesday)13.00 to 14.30
05/05/2021 (Wednesday)13.00 to 14.30
05/12/2021 (Wednesday)13.00 to 14.30
05/19/2021 (Wednesday)13.00 to 14.30
06/02/2021 (Wednesday)13.00 to 14.30
06/09/2021 (Wednesday)13.00 to 14.30
06/16/2021 (Wednesday)13.00 to 14.30
06/23/2021 (Wednesday)13.00 to 14.30
06/30/2021 (Wednesday)13.00 to 14.30
07/07/2021 (Wednesday)13.00 to 14.30
07/14/2021 (Wednesday)13.00 to 14.30

Semester: SoSe 2021